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Company Information

Urban Interior Co., Ltd. is a company based in Fukuoka City. We offer our interior design services nation-wide.

Message from the president

That’s why Urban Interior can propose to you.

There might be many people who feel uncomfortable of their interior, or worried about interior becoming out of fashion as time passed, or would like to make their rooms more stylish and sophisticated with interior. Urban Interior is a company which specializes in interior coordination, and accept those customers’ hope and realize ideal living space.

We also have had extensive architectural knowledge and housing design skills as we were independent of an architect office before. That makes us possible to offer more appropriate and original interior design services to our customers who might have both problems and desires for their home such as,” I would like to make the room more stylish and tasteful by renovating as the room gets old as time passes.” or “The interior design right now doesn’t fit my feeling.”

Besides, we have been continuing to make efforts to catch up with the latest design trends through learning them. It is also one of our strengths, and it enables us to realize highly original living spaces by adding innovative functions and a playful element.

We always pursue interior designs to create living spaces that can increase our customers’ “Personal Values”. However, the idea of “Ideal Home” depends on way of thinking or their lifestyles.

We are pleased to support you to create your ideal home by leading the best way to your home through detailed consultation, with plenty of working experiences and skills. We offer you online services regardless of your location, in distant places or countries abroad, although our company is based in Fukuoka City, Japan. We are very much looking forward to your contact soon.

Warm regards,

Yasunori Miyazaki
Urban Interior Co., Ltd.

Company Outline

Company name Urban Interior Co., Ltd.
Showroom Head Office/ Showroom
Avance Yakuin 2F, 1-3-8 Shirogane, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0012, Japan
TEL: +81-92-522-0506  FAX: +81-92-522-0737
Planning Room
Avance Yakuin 2F, 1-3-8 Shirogane, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0012, Japan
TEL: +81-92-534-2005
Osaka Branch Office
#202 Kishiwada Sangyo 3rd Building 2-3-1-203
Kawarayamahi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0066, Japan
TEL: +81-6-7650-5228  FAX: +81-6-7657-1286
Establishment November 1999
Capital JY 20,000,000
Executives President: Yasunori Miyazaki
Executive Managing Director: Shihomi Yamada
Director: Mika Sakai
Director: Akiko Ikeda
Our Business
  • Planning&Designing Model Homes
  • Planning&Designing using SI methods
  • Sales of domestic and imported home products
  • Space Design (Housing and Facility)
Company History
June. 1989 Established Urban Architect Office Co., Ltd. in Fukuoka, Japan.
April. 1991 Established Sanwa Material Co., LTD.
Transferred the Interior Division.
Relocated the main office to Chuo-ku Kuromon, Fukuoka, Japan.
April. 1995 Ms. Yumiko Sakaguchi was appointed as president of Sanwa Material Co., Ltd.
Constructed new building in Chuo-ku Shirogane, Fukuoka, Japan and the main office was transferred
Nov. 1999 Urban Interior Co., Ltd. was established after its spin-off from Sanwa Material Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2001 Opened Tokyo Branch Office.
Nov. 2006 Tokyo Branch Office transferred.
Jan. 2007 The Fukuoka main office was renovated.
June. 2007 Mr.Yasunori Miyazaki was appointed as President
June. 2013 Opened Osaka branch office.
Sep. 2014 Opened a showroom on the 2nd floor in the Fukuoka main office.
Dec. 2014 Closed Tokyo branch office.

About Us

Yasunori Miyazaki

宮崎 泰典

Yasunori Miyazaki
We support you in creating your comfortable home. I’ve been striving with hope that you find “peace of mind” by living in a comfortable home.
Shihomi Yamada

山田 志穂美

Managing Director
Shihomi Yamada
  • # Good at Modern & Feminine Interior Style
  • # Favorite things: Traveling & Driving
I always value creating more comfortable spacesin your home where you’d like to return to. I believe such a comfortable space will enrich your mind and make the energy going forward to tomorrow. We are more than happy to support you in creating such homes by providing interior design services that we are best at. We are very much looking forward to your contact.
Mika Sakai

酒井 美加

Director & The Head of the interior coordinate room
Mika Sakai
  • # Interior Coordinator
  • # Major Working Experience; Interior Design for Model Homes (Condominiums)
  • # Good at Modern Style
  • # Favorite things: Traveling, Snorkeling and Yoga
I aim to create spaces that make you smile. Let me work for you to create your home that enrich your lifestyle.
Akiko Ikeda

池田 晃子

Akiko Ikeda
  • # Interior Coordinator
  • # Major Working Experience; Interior Design for Model Homes (Condominiums)
  • # Good at Cool & Modern Style
  • #Favorite things: Visiting Interior Shops and Playing Tennis
Speaking of interior coordinators, we tend to be thought that all we can do is advice to select furnitures, but that’s not all. We also provide as follows;
•selecting materials of walls, floors, and doors to match together
•selecting interior elements such as lightings, fabrics (curtains, cushions and so on), and interior accessories
•renewal of floor plans
 With those services above, we provide you with your home’s total interior design and support you in creating your ideal homes, which we hope will enhance your lifestyle.
Hiroyuki Kubota

窪田 博之

Head of Sales Management Department
Director of Osaka Office
Hiroyuki Kubota
  • # Favorite Interior Style: Natural Style
  • # Favorite things: Playing Golf & Baseball, Drinks
As you might know, even an interior element, such as a curtain, wallpaper, or furniture, can change the atmosphere of your room significantly. We will do our best to provide our services to meet your needs and desires for your homes.
Takako Iwami

岩見 貴子

Chief Coordinator
Takako Iwami
  • # Interior Coordinator
  • # Major Working Experience; Interior Design for Model Homes (Condominiums)
  • # Good at Natural & Modern Style
  • # Favorite things: Playing Tennis & Traveling
We propose you total interior coordination that suits your lifestyle and taste to enrich your everyday life.
Makiko Shibao

柴尾 麻紀子

Makiko Shibao
  • # Accountant
  • # Favorite Interior Style: Classic & Elegant Style
  • # Favorite things: Black Tea, Green Tea and Chinese Tea
I am doing my best to make our workflow smoothly as accurate and quickly as possible. Although I work as an accountant here,I love interior design.
Yukiko Okuma

大隈 愉紀子

Chief of Planning and Sales
Yukiko Okuma
  • # Interior Coordinator
  • # Good at Simple & Modern Style
  • # Favorite things: Fashion, Cosmetics and Watching TV dramas
I would love to help create your favorite space to solve your problems in your home and touch up the interior at your request. I am pleased to offer you interior design plans that meet your needs and attractive, comfortable, and convenient items for you.
Nozomi Matsuoka

松岡 希

Nozomi Matsuoka
  • # Interior Advisor
  • # Good at Scandinavian & Modern Style
  • # Favorite things: Western Music & Sewing
I keep making as much effort as possible to enrich your life by giving considerations to each customer requires.
Rie Fukuzawa

福澤 梨恵

Rie Fukuzawa
  • # Interior Advisor
  • # Favorite Interior Style: Modern Style
  • # Favorite things: Nature & Drawing
I’ll do my best to support you in creating your home that enriches your life. Let me consult you and ask what you have about your home in your mind.
Yuki Nakamura

中村 友紀

Yuki Nakamura
  • # Interior Advisor
  • # Good at Simple and Natural Style
  • # Favorite things: Music
I’ll commit to support you in creating your ideal home and lifestyle. I also make continuous efforts to understand what you desire for your home, valuing once-in-a-lifetime encounters.
Yuki Teshigawara

勅使川原 由貴

Yuki Teshigawara
  • # Interior Advisor
  • # Favorite Interior Style: Modern, Natural and Scandinavian Style
  • # Favorite things: Traveling, Visiting Interior shops, bookstores and cafes
I’m delighted to support you in creating your ideal home. I’ll make an extensive effort to understand your requests and to realize your ideal and comfortable life.
Kotomi Kamiwatari

神渡 殊実

Kotomi Kamiwatari
  • # Interior Advisor
  • # Favorite Interior Style: Scandinavian Style
  • # Favorite things: Watching movies (especially Science Fiction movies ), sewing, walking
I’m glad to help making your life more fulfilling. I will try hard to propose you interior plans which makes you want to go home or makes you want to invite people to your home.
Naoka Hirosaki

廣嵜 尚果

Naoka Hirosaki
  • # Interior Advisor
  • # Favorite Interior Style: Scandinavian Style
  • # Favorite things:k-pop
I will do my best to propose every customer comfortable space where they prefer to spend every day.

Specified Commercial Transaction Act

The name of the seller Urban Interior Co., Ltd.
Head of Operations Yasunori Miyazaki
The address of the seller 〒810-0012 Avance Yakuin 2F, 1-3-8 Shirogane,Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0012, Japan

The telephone number of the seller TEL: +81-92-522-0506
The FAX number of the seller FAX: +81-92-522-0737
E-mail address
Additional costs exception purchased items
  • Delivery Cost
  • Bank Transferring Charges
*Surcharge will be required for remote islands
How to order Order at the shopping page of our website
Payment Method Bank Transfer
※Customers are responsible for the payment of bank transfer fee.
Payment Period Within a week after we receive an order.
Shipment Time Within a week after we receive an order.
※Shipment time depends on services and products ordered
Return and exchange policy
  • We would replace at our cost if you receive obvious defective or different
  • Please note that there might be some damages caused during the delivery of imported furniture. Even so, if you receive obvious defective or different products, we would replace them at our cost.
  • When you receive items, please check them carefully, and if their is something wrong, let us know within 7 days.

Feel Free to Contact us.

For more information, please feel free to contact us about consultation, our showroom or recruitment. We also offer online interior design services for you, who might be busy or live in distant places from Fukuoka City, where our main office is located.

Please feel free to contact us for more information by ONLINE or Contact Form.









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