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If you are wishing or having a problem as follows;

  • I have no idea what and how to do with my rooms.
  • I’d like to have photogenic rooms worth putting into Instagram or YouTube.
  • I am looking forward to your professional proposal to make my home more stylish and contemporary.
  • I’d like to renew my home that suits my lifestyle and hobbies.
  • I’d like you to offer innovative interior design plans.



 We are here to support you! We will provide you appropriate interior design plans that would suit your favorite taste, such as contemporary modern, or Asian style. We are surely able to offer you our unique and unconventional interior design services. We offer you online services regardless of your location, in distant places or countries abroad, although our company is located in Fukuoka City, Japan.

For Consultation by Telephone

 If you are in hurry, please call us at the phone number below. A dedicated staff will assist you.

(Fukuoka Office)

Business Hour: 9:00-18:00,Closed on: Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays

For Online Consultation

 If it is too complex for you to explain the matter or request about your interior by phone, you can tell details to us with "Zoom". Customers living in distance place, please use this service.

Inquiry Form

 You can contact us by inquiry form, and we will call you back later. Also, you can choose online consultation with "Zoom" if you want.

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